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From the early beginning of modern anesthesia in our country, the SARB was at your side organizing scientific meetings, supporting the education of residents, promoting research, as well as editing the “Acta Anaesthesiologica Belgica”. These challenges and our contribution to important consensus meetings inspired us to achieve our goals in patient care, education and research.

Today, your Society intends to further support you in the practice of our medical specialty. We will continue to provide you with information and postgraduate leaning opportunities, but we intend to do so in a much more interactive way.

This site is yours: do not hesitate to submit opinions, comments and material of interest. As you know, anesthesia is broadening its scope to perioperative medicine. This may have an important impact on our daily practice. For this reason, during the months preceding our annual meeting, we will focus on the topic: what does perioperative medicine mean for a Belgian anesthesiologist today? At our annual meeting we will try to provide you with some answers to this question.

Survey Covid-19 patients managed in the OR’s of Belgian hospitals

In this time of COVID-19 outbreak, the Society for Anesthesia and Resuscitation of Belgium (SARB) would like to register the COVID-19 cases that are managed in the OR’s of Belgian Hospitals, including C-sections.

For that purpose, we would like to ask you to fill in the following questionnaire (one questionnaire for each managed patient, a downloadable version can be found at the following link), with as much information as available, paying attention to strictly respect patient anonymity. In order to link data to a particular patient anonymously, we ask you to attribute a reference number to each patient, using the following format: institution abbreviation followed by order number (e. g. first patient of CHR Citadelle Liege: chrliege1). Your personal data will also remain confidential, and the results will not be publicly available until this publication does not bypass official communication by hospitals. We will, however, need a contact person for each Institution participating into the study. This is the reason why we ask for a contact email address at the beginning of the survey. Should a publication emanate from the analysis of collected data, that contact person will be associated as a co-author of the publication. Today, your Society intends to further support you in the practice of our medical specialty. We will continue to provide you with information and postgraduate leaning opportunities, but we intend to do so in a much more interactive way.

Please note that the protocol of this multi-centric survey has been approved by the ‘Comité d’Ethique Hospitalo-Facultaire, Cliniques Saint Luc’, Brussels. The official approval can be found at the following link, as well as the protocol of the study and certificate of insurance. Personal data protection and ethics require that we obtain consent from the patients to dispose of their data. Due to the current difficult circumstances of the outbreak, and the difficulty of obtaining written consent, oral consent by the patient has been exceptionally authorized by the Ethics Committee. A guide on how to inform the patients about this can be found at the following link, in Dutch and in French. If you want to participate, we would like you to send us back a signed convention of collaboration, and a signed data transfer agreement. Please note that it is necessary to obtain approval of your local Ethics Committee before starting the study. We will be happy to provide you with all supplementary necessary document the Ethics Committee would request for approval.

The collected data will be of great help to draw the picture of OR implications in such an outbreak situation, and will be meaningful only if a maximum of cases are reported. We thank you a lot for your help in achieving this in these troubled times, and remain at your disposal for any questions or concerns regarding this survey.

The SARB Board

Link to the online questionnaire:

World Anaesthesia Day

Every year on 16th October WFSA supports anaesthesia providers the world over to celebrate their profession and have a bit of fun whilst doing it.

World Anaesthesia Day commemorates the birth of anaesthesia on 16th October 1846. When doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital demonstrated the use of ether for the first time on a patient. In doing so they changed surgery forever, proving it was possible for patients to undergo surgery without the torture of pain previously associated with it.

Despite nearly 170 years having passed since that first anaesthetic procedure and the countless breakthroughs that have succeeded it, nearly 5 billion people continue to lack access to safe anaesthesia practices. In the light of this on-going neglect, global awareness days like World Anaesthesia Day can be a powerful advocacy tool to mobilise political will, educate the general public and inforce achievements of the global anaesthesia community.

Latest News.

BeSARPP Endorsement request

Are you an organizer of a scientific meeting and interested in the endorsement by the BeSARPP?

That is definitely possible! More information through the button:

Competencies Required By Anesthesiologists Managing Critically ill Medical And Surgical Patients In An Intensive Care Unit: A WFSA Survey

The Intensive & Critical Care Medicine Committee of the World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists (WFSA), has developed a preliminary survey of recently qualified Anesthesiologists, to review the existing competencies for CCM in the Anesthesiology curriculum across the globe. The results of this survey will be used to identify the gaps and additional competencies required for Anesthesiologists to practice Critical Care in ICU through expert consensus, using a Delphi process.

International Survey on the Availability of Intraoperative Use of TEE for Non-Cardiac Surgery

On behalf of the leading investigators and participating international anesthesiology societies Professor Jiapeng Huang invites you to participate in a research study that aims to explore the current practice in intraoperative use of the transoesophageal echocardiography (TEE) and local solutions in situations of unavailability of equipment or skilled personnel within the framework of the operating rooms.

BeSARPP Annual Meeting

19 & 20 November 2021


On behalf of the BeSARPP Board and the Scientific Committee, we are pleased to invite you to the BeSARPP Annual Meeting which will be held at SQUARE in Brussels on 19-20 November, 2021.

Each year, our Society succeeds in designing a truly magnificent scientific program during our Annual Meeting in November. The topic of this year’s meeting is: Anesthetic Challenges in the Roaring 20’s.

Looking at the number of anesthesiologists attending the meeting each year, this has proven to be a highly successful format for many years. This will undoubtedly also be the case for this year’s edition: World renowned experts will share knowledge and provide science-based opinions about key topics in anesthesia.

As last year, we will schedule the ethical program and the hands-on workshops on Friday.

It goes without saying that we are organizing the meeting with all the necessary precautions to keep you and all other participants safe.

BeSARPP Graduation Day – Prize Winners

02 – 07 -2021

The persons who won a prize at the BeSARPP Graduation Day:

Best Masterworks

Pain management after laminectomy: a systematic review and procedure-specific post-operative pain management (prospect) recommendations
Dr. Laurens Peene, UZ Leuven

Anesthesia for patients with Rett syndrome: a systematic review
Dr. Simon Pissens, UZ Leuven


Best Abstract in an International Congress

Impact of direct oral anticoagulant therapy on the management of hip fracture patients
Dr. Nicolas Gautier, Université Catholique de Louvain

15 – 06 – 2021

Anesthesia Research Award granted by Edwards Lifesciences

We are very proud to announce that Edwards Lifesciences is granting Anesthesia Research Awards.

The objective of the Edwards Lifesciences Research Awards is to stimulate investigations and medical improvements in clinical practice on hemodynamics.

1 Award will be adjudged:

  • Best ManaMa paper Hemodynamics: € 500


More info…

Questionnaire sur les pratiques de l’antibioprophylaxie chirurgicale pédiatrique en Belgique / Vragenlijst over de chirurgische antibioticaprofylaxe bij kinderen in België

15 – 04 -2021

Questionnaire sur les pratiques de l’antibioprophylaxie chirurgicale pédiatrique en Belgique.

Vragenlijst over de chirurgische antibioticaprofylaxe bij kinderen in België



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Survey: The study on the Clinical evaluation of gastric emptying in the patient with chronic respiratory failure

Dear Colleagues,

May we kindly ask you to complete the survey from the department of Anaesthesiology of the CHU UCL Namur. The study concerns the Clinical evaluation of gastric emptying in the patient with chronic respiratory failure. The survey is conceived to take 6-10 minutes of your time depending on your answers.

Complete the survey here.


Thank you for your cooperation,


Adrien Maseri

Resident in Anesthesiology


12 – 01 – 2021

Belgian Analysis system for Maternal Mortality

New project from the Federal Health Department with the support of the BeSARPP.

Next Events.

BeSARPP Annual Meeting

19 & 20 November 2021


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Your membership is very important to us, and to the Belgian anesthesiology community. By becoming a member, you sustain our society in achieving its goals, namely the promotion of excellence in the practice of anesthesia, in patient management and safety, as well as the promotion of excellent education and science in anesthesia.