BeSARPP | Vision


A Zero Harm Patient Care through improving standards and practices in Anesthesiology, Resuscitation, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management


To encourage knowledgeable professionals providing care according to the highest standards of practice and patient safety, to promote education, training and research, to sustain the promotion of our well-recognized profession on national and international levels, in partnership with our members, public health authorities, and fellow healthcare providers.


  1. Education & Teaching: to disseminate knowledge and best in class practices through our Annual Meeting, Graduation Day, blended industry & scientific webinars and periodic symposia
  2. Research: to promote and foster research within our community supported by grants and the society scientific journal ‘Acta Anaesthesiologica Belgica’
  3. Patient safety and best practice: to promote scientific breakthrough in the quality and safety of anesthesia care inside and outside the operating room by harmonising anesthesia practice through promotion of best practice guidelines
  4. Professional Networking: to establish relations with national and international sister societies to promote Belgian anesthesia highlights, to ensure standards and guidelines and receive international and cross functional consent
  5. Transparency and accessibility for our members : to create an open platform to capture our members individual voice and to promote their interest and networking
  6. Promotion of the profession: to represent our profession at national and international levels

Latest News

BAMM (Belgian Analysis system for Maternal Mortality)

New project from the Federal Health Department with the support of the BeSARPP. NederlandsWe zijn verheugd te mogen aankondigen dat België vanaf januari 2021 van start gaat met een gestructureerd en confidentieel registratie- en analyse systeem voor maternale sterftes,genaamd het Belgian Analysis system for Maternal Mortality (BAMM). Dit nieuwe project wordt gesteund door de Federale […]

Survey Covid-19 patients managed in the OR’s of Belgian hospitals

Survey Covid-19 patients managed in the OR’s of Belgian hospitals

Upcoming Events

14th International Congress on Ambulatory Surgery

30-05-2022 - 01-06-2022


14th International Congress on Ambulatory Surgery30-05-22 – 01-06-22 Ambulatory surgery has experienced tremendous growth during recent years. We continue to do more complex procedures and treat more complex patients, some of  whom are vulnerable such as the elderly, children, children with special needs, mentally disabled and many more. Thanks to innovation in surgery, anaesthesia and […]