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Events organised by the industry

25 April 2022Webinar by CSL Behring and Werfen

How to set up and optimize your protocols with goal-directed therapy
Illustrated in cardiovascular surgery

This webinar will give advice on building and using viscoelastic testing-guided algorithms in perioperative bleeding management and the role of fibrinogen.
Goal-directed therapy can minimize the need of allogenic blood products and may therefore improve patient outcomes.
The presentations will be supported by interactive patient cases for a hands-on approach.

Welcome and introduction speakers – Prof. Dr. Mona Momeni
The role of evidence-based algorithms for rotational thromboelastometry-guided bleeding management – Dr. Klaus Görlinger
Interactive patient case: Goal-directed bleeding management – Prof. Mona Momeni
Interactive case discussion: ROTEM in clinical practice – Dr. Klaus Görlinger

Latest News

BAMM (Belgian Analysis system for Maternal Mortality)

New project from the Federal Health Department with the support of the BeSARPP. NederlandsWe zijn verheugd te mogen aankondigen dat België vanaf januari 2021 van start gaat met een gestructureerd en confidentieel registratie- en analyse systeem voor maternale sterftes,genaamd het Belgian Analysis system for Maternal Mortality (BAMM). Dit nieuwe project wordt gesteund door de Federale […]

Survey Covid-19 patients managed in the OR’s of Belgian hospitals

Survey Covid-19 patients managed in the OR’s of Belgian hospitals

Upcoming Events

8th Slovenian Congress of Anaesthesiologists with international attendance

30 - 09 - 2022 - 2 - 10 - 2022

Ljubljana, Slovenia

8th Slovenian Congress of Anaesthesiologists with international attendance The Red Thread of the 8th  Slovenian Congress of Anaesthesiologists It will be a holistic view on our practice – that is the entire span of perioperative medicine. Therefore, we have entitled the congress as: “Anaesthesiologist – the perioperative physician”. The topics of the presentations were chosen with current and […]

18th ASPA Meeting

14 - 10 - 2022 - 16 - 10 - 2022

Turkey, Istanbul

18th ASPA Meeting As you know, the Asian Society of Paediatric Anaesthesiologists (ASPA) organizes annual meetings in different member countries. ASPA 2022(18th ASPA Meeting) is planned to be hosted by Turkiye, in Istanbul, at October 14-16, 2022. We would be very delighted to see you in our meeting, either in person or virtual, since the […]