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I am Federico Longhini, associate professor and director of the department of anesthesia and intensive care in Catanzaro, Italy.

I am currently running a large European observational study (see below and attached documents) and I would like to involve also Your country in this project that I am leading.

The “Practice of Oxygenation and Respiratory Support during Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy: The Oxy-FOB STUDY” aims to describe the current practice of respiratory supports (conventional oxygen therapy, high flow nasal cannula, CPAP, NIV or invasive mechanical ventilation) in patients undergoing flexible bronchoscopy, stratified by baseline respiratory condition, co-morbidities, type of procedure and hospital settings. The sample size is constituted by 10.000 patients from all settings, including pulmonology and ICUs.

 Today, the study has involved several centers from Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, UK and Spain and it is still recruiting other more centers across Europe. More than 4000 patients have also been enrolled.

You can find all the material and study protocol below.

Survey: Anxiolytic premedication in Europe

Dear colleagues!

This is an European survey concerning anxiolytic and sedative premedication and is part of a PhD thesis on the impact of midazolam on pain. Main objectives are to clarify:

1. The actual standard of care concerning patient anxiety evaluation and management
2. The role of midazolam in modern practice.
3. The common perception of the impact of midazolam on patient outcomes.

If you work regularly in the operating theatre (anaesthetise at least 3 patients per month), we invite you to complete a short anonymous survey about your current practice concerning anxiolytic premedication. Predicted survey time is less than 15 minutes.  Ethical committee approval has been obtained and the survey complies to GDPR. The participation is voluntary and might be interrupted during the course of the test.

For any doubts or questions related to the survey, please contact via e-mail:

Please submit the survey only once. If you have previously responded to this survey in Portuguese, please do not submit it again.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Caroline Dahlem, Carmen Oliveira , Cristina Granja, Luís Azevedo

Survey: Variation in ASA Scoring (Milestone-2)

Dear colleagues, 

The society is supporting the MILESTONE-2 survey, an international collaboration of (HPB) surgeons and anesthesiologist in which we want to explore the reasons behind the large variations seen in the ASA classification in patients undergoing HPB surgery. To what extent is this actually related to patient factors? 

A previous study of our group found large differences in ASA scores in HPB surgery between different countries (USA vs European). For pancreatic surgery: ASA III/IV in NSQIP 78%, in Germany 48%, in the Netherlands 23%, and in Sweden only 3%. Since ASA is also utilized for case mix adjustment it is vital that consensus is reached on the practicalities of this system.  

This online survey will only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Best wishes,  
On behalf of the MILESTONE-2 team

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