BeSARPP | Graduation day 2019

Graduation day 2019


Dear Residents (Past, Current and Future)

You are really important for the future of our medical specialty in Belgium.

For this very reason, the BeSARPP (the society that promotes Anesthesiology as a medical science) organizes a yearly event dedicated to honor your enthusiasm and commitment before and during your residency: the ‘Graduation Meeting’.

During this ‘Graduation Meeting’, you will get the unique opportunity to share your scientific work (Masterworks, abstracts presented at international congresses, resident work) not only with your colleagues of other universities but also with the anesthesiologists from hospitals, your potential future employers.

On this occasion, a number of prizes will be awarded to the various competitors including the brave one who submitted case reports for the new electronic section of the Acta Anasthesiologica Belgica.

Practical professional information will be provided and the various societies aiming at promoting anesthesia in Belgium will be present.

Finally, a welcome ceremony for those of you who enter the real world of Anesthesiology either as a new resident or a graduate will conclude this day.

Vincent Bonhomme – BeSARPP President


Deadline: 20 April 2019


1 – Best Master Work:

All anesthesia trainees or recently certified anesthesiologists (less than one year) are eligible to submit work for the Master Work competition if the President of the Manama (MC) of the University of origin or the academic promotor, allows presentation.

A letter co-signed by the candidate and the President of the Manama/or the academic promotor must be sent to by 20 April 2019.


Candidates should present the summary of the masterwork (background, methodology, main results and conclusion) in 10 min followed by 5 min discussion.  

The jury:

The jury is composed of 5 consultant anesthesiologists of which one is SARB board member, a minimum of 1 is academic anesthesiologist and a minimum of 1 is non-academic anesthesiologist.

The jury evaluates the master works according to a pre-established scoring table.

Prizes: 2 given during the closure address of the day

2 – Best Abstract in an international congress

Open to all the residents who have presented an abstract or have an abstract accepted during an International symposium (ESA, ASA, ASRA, ESRA, SFAR, …). The period considered is May 1st 2018 till June 30th 2019.

An abstract can only compete in one competition (best master work or best abstract).

If an abstract was presented previously at a Graduation Day, this abstract is not eligible.

The abstract is eligible for the competition if one reprint from the abstract book of the congress where it was initially presented (poster or oral presentation) or proof of acceptance of the abstract is sent along with the name of the resident who will present it to by 20 April. The abstract must be submitted as well.

A shortlist of submitted abstracts will be entered in the competition. The other abstracts will be allowed presentation.


Candidates should present their abstract in 10 min. followed by 5 min. discussion. 

The jury:

The jury is composed of 5 consultant anesthesiologists of which one is SARB board member, a minimum of 1 is academic anesthesiologist and a minimum of 1 is non-academic anesthesiologist.

The jury evaluates the abstracts according to a pre-established scoring table.

Prizes: 2 given during the closure address of the day.

3 – Abstracts for Resident meeting
All trainees who want to present an abstract which has not been presented elsewhere can submit it to be presented at the Graduation Day (

The abstract submitted should follow the adequate template.

Abstract submission deadline: 20 April 2019.

Online Abstract submission: Abstracts will only be accepted through online submission. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure the information provided is complete and accurate. Submission of an abstract implies your acceptance for the abstract to be published in the Acta Anaesthesiologica Belgica. Abstracts will be peer-reviewed.

Language: Abstracts should be written in English (United States orthography and grammar).

Authors: Authors names (the last name(s) and initials of first names), institutional affiliations, cities, and countries should be provided. The presenting author should make sure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract. By submitting this abstract, the first author certifies that all authors agree on its content and on its submission.

Title: Each abstract should have a brief descriptive title of maximum 20 words. The abstract text should not exceed on page (using a 12 points usual font).

Abstracts must include the following: Objective – Background – Methods – Results – Conclusions – References. One figure/table/photograph may be added to an abstract. Provide a brief caption for your illustration.

Accepted abstracts will be confirmed by e-mail to the corresponding author. Please verify that your e-mail address (submitter and presenting author) is correct as it will be used for contacting you after the review process.

The candidate should present the abstract in 10 min. followed by 5 min. discussion. There are two chairs in the session.


Registration Fee:

All participants€ 10,00*

*Each participant is requested to pay € 10,00 during the registration process. Payment is possible by bank transfer or credit card. 
This serves as a guarantee of your presence.

This amount will be refunded in cash at the Graduation Day. If you do not attend the Graduation Day, no refund will be made.


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Bâtiment F
Avenue Mounier 51
1200 Bruxelles

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