BeSARPP | 2022 SASA Conference

2022 SASA Conference

Almost two years ago, COVID-19 swiftly moved from the back pages of our news to the forefront of our existence, savagely sweeping across the world, turning the world on its head, and making this pandemic the greatest global challenge of our time. And for the first time, the South African Society of Anaesthesiology (SASA) annual national conference, the premier event on our society’s calendar, did not take place in 2021.

As we adapt and find ways to restore the disturbed rhythms of our lives, allow us to take pleasure in inviting you to be part of the exciting SASA 2022 Virtual Conference from the comfort of your home or office. It promises to be a memorable event.

SASA’s annual conference in the field of anaesthesiology and perioperative care is a landmark event that provides exciting educational and networking opportunities as it strives to improve perioperative patient care through the development of our anaesthesiologists and allied disciplines. The coming together of our national members and a host of international friends and colleagues provides for the ideal forum to interrogate latest scientific and clinical development, share novel education and training methods, network  and exchange ideas and experiences, and engage with our trade partners.

The KwaZulu-Natal Branch of SASA is proud to serve as the organiser and host for the first, fully virtual SASA 2022 Conference between 03-06 March 2022.

The meeting will offer a balanced faculty of international and national speakers on a wide variety of topical anaesthesiology issues as part of an integrated, relevant and state-of-the-art programme incorporating cutting-edge science with practical patient care. As a fully Virtual Conference, we have tweaked the format to enhance the delegate experience. Virtual workshops have been scheduled and our trade partners are busy finding creative ways to keep you enthralled in our virtual trade exhibition. Rest assured, there will be something for everyone.

We wish you well and look forward to your being part of our conference next year.

Kind regards

Dr Komalan Govender
Dr Zanine Moyce
Prof Dean Gopalan

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Journée Hypnose: L’hypnose au service du soignant


Brussels, Belgium

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Journées Nationales de Néonatologie 2024


Paris, France

Journées Nationales de Néonatologie 2024 Location & Date Les Salons de l’Aveyron,17 rue de l’Aubrac75012 ParisFrance Jeudi 21 et vendredi 22 mars 2024 Registration & Programme Registrations are open! Program & Inscription More information can be found here.

Annual Scientific Meeting BAPA


Mechelen, Belgium

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Evening Symposium: How to care for your team when an obstetric drama occurred


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IAAS 2024


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Euroanaesthesia 2024


Munich, Germany

Euroanaesthesia 2024 Euroanaesthesia 2024 will take place from 25 to 27 May at the ICM in Munich, Germany. We kindly invite you to complete this form by 15 December if your society intends to be physically present at the National Societies Village. Please also let us know if your society will not participate. Please note that […]

BeSARPP Graduation Day 2024



BeSARPP Graduation Day 2024 WELCOME Dear Residents (Past, Current and Future) You are really important for the future of our medical specialty in Belgium. For this very reason, the BeSARPP (the society that promotes Anesthesiology as a medical science) organizes a yearly event dedicated to honor your enthusiasm and commitment before and during your residency: […]

BARA PROcedure FOcused Symposium ‘Update in shoulder surgery’


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Refresher Courses BAPA & SKA Webinars 2024

22/01/2024 - 14/03/2024 - 18/09/2024


Refresher Courses BAPA & SKA Webinars 2024 The BAPA (Belgian Association for Paediatric Anaesthesiology) and the Dutch SKA (Secie KinderAnesthesiologie) are presenting the Refresher Course BAPA & SKA webinars on several dates in 2024: Monday 22nd of January, Thursday 14th of March, Wednesday 18th of September and Tuesday 03rd of December 2024. Each session will take place […]

6e Lage Landen Symposium: Update Acute intoxicaties – Meet the experts


Ghent, Belgium

6e Lage Landen Symposium: Update Acute intoxicaties – Meet the experts Informatie Wij nodigen u graag uit voor het 6de Lage Landen Symposium ‘Update Acute Intoxicaties’ op 18 oktober 2024. Na een onderbreking hebben we er opnieuw veel zin in om een hoogstaand en boeiend programma aan te bieden, gebracht door nationale en internationale experts. […]

BARA / RA-UK Remembrance Meeting: Securing the future of regional anesthesia


Bruges, Belgium

BARA / RA-UK Remembrance Meeting: Securing the future of regional anesthesia Location & Date Concertgebouw’t Zand 348000 BrugesBelgium Friday 8th of November and Saturday 9th of November 2024 Registration Registrations are open! Program, Leaflet & Registrations